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olmkpboxThis website is a fundraising experiment to see if it would be possible to use my business and my web presence to benefit a person or an organization in need of cash.

The goal would be to give a participant a $500 donation in return for driving a specified volume of sales into my ecommerce website.

Specifically, a participant would recruit 10 benefactors who would each purchase a $90 skin care set from my Mary Kay website.

Once a participant “qualifies” by selling 10 sets they could compete for the $500 donation by simply selling the most sets over the other two competitors.

Runners-up to the Grand Prize would each receive $10 for every set that they sell.

What do you think? Please comment below or email me and give me any and every idea that you have.

Thanx, Tony.


Be A Beauty Consultant For a Day!

This game is intended as a benefit fundraiser for an individual or an organization that you nominate

(and it could even be you!)

The Qualified Grand Prize Winner of this Virtual Party will receive a

$500 cash donation.

To qualify as a Grand Prize Winner a participant must be a Qualified Hostess of a Qualified Party

and each of their 10 Party Participants must purchase at least 1 Miracle Set from my Mary Kay Official Website within the 10 hour party time period.

Once qualified the Grand Prize Winner will be the hostess whose participants purchase the most Miracle Sets.

That winner will receive a $500 cash donation.

All Qualified Hostesses or their identified beneficiary (except the Grand Prize Winner) will receive $10 for every Miracle Set purchased by their participants during the 10 hour party period.

Here are the steps that you need to take to become a Qualified Grand Prize Winner:

  1. Register yourself on my Mary Kay Website (no credit card is needed):
  2. Email me with your intention to participate and identify yourself and the beneficiary of your donation should you
  3. To become a Qualified Hostess: Register 2 Party Participants on my Mary Kay Website (same link as above.) Allof your Party Participants should voluntarily pledge to you that they will purchase at least 1 Miracle Set during the 10 hour Party Period. Notify me by email identifying your Party Participants to receive credit for referring them.
  4. Once you are a Qualified Hostess you must get registrations on my website from 8 more Party Participants to host aQualified Party. Your progress will be updated live on this website with a feed from your Twitter account.

When 3 Qualified Party Hostesses have registered Qualified Parties (each with 10 Party Participants) the Game will begin. All Qualified Party Hostesses will be notified by email and must be ready to start the game within 24 Hours.

How the game is played:

  1. You heed to notify your Party Participants that the 10 hour Party Period will begin at the time that I have set.
  2. Your Party Participants must then log into my Mary Kay Website during the 10 hour Party Period and purchase at least 1 Miracle Set:

Your progress will be updated here live from your Twitter account and each Hostess and Party Participant will be able to watch the progress of their parties during the 10 hour Party Period.

Once a Qualified Hostess’ Party Participants have purchased 10 Miracle Sets collectively that hostess becomes qualified to win theGrand Prize. (All competing hostesses can qualify to compete for the Grand Prize.)

The Qualified Grand Prize Hostess whose Party Participantspurchase the most Miracle Sets will win the Grand Prize, a  $500 cash donation.

Each runner up will receive $10 for each Miracle set purchasedby their Party’s Participants for themselves or the beneficiary that they have chosen -no limit.

In the case of a tie for the grand prize the cash donation will be split evenly among the Qualified Grand Prize Winners.